If you like working with machinery and technology, this is your program. Includes hands-on course work in power and machinery systems, processing and handling, and sensors and controls combined with business and agriculture courses to manage equipment systems in a variety of industries related to food, fuel, and water. Equipment testing, plant operations management, technical support and product marketing are just a few career possibilities for students in this program.

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Emphasis Options:



This unique combination of selected courses in animal, crop, soil, and physical sciences, as well as mechanized systems management, prepares you to be successful in production agriculture and related careers. This option is for the student interested in the integration of mechanization and natural resources for production agriculture. You will be prepared to apply principles of mechanization and management in farming and ranching, in service and consulting, or preparation for teaching.


If you like figuring out how machines work, making them efficient, and testing the results, this is the specialization for you. You'll be prepared for employment in the fields of equipment test technician, service manager or production supervisor of mechanized systems, regional service representative, or associate for agricultural research and extension. Students apply additional mathematics and physical sciences to resolve problems in engineered systems.
Processing Operations

Processing Operations:

There are many aspects and stages involved in taking a raw ingredient to a finished product: food, fiber, or fuel. This option combines the principles of engineeered systems management of those systems with a focus in business, agriculture, and mechanization.


Gain a strong background in the principles of marketing engineered systems with emphasis on mechanization, management, marketing, law, and finance in agriculture-related fields. Career opportunities range from operations manager for grain elevators to agricultural representatives for financial institutions.