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Mechanised systems management
The Major for Hands-On Learning

Gold logo for MSYM If you like working with machinery and technology, this is your program. Includes hands-on course work in power and machinery systems, processing and handling, and sensors and controls combined with business and agriculture courses to manage equipment systems in a variety of industries related to food, fuel, and water. Equipment testing, plant operations management, technical support and product marketing are just a few career possibilities for students in this program.

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About Mechanized System Management

Mechanized Systems Management (MSYM) will help you develop technological problem-solving skills to the professional level. In addition, this program will help you develop systems analysis and business skills. This is important because all businesses involving equipment have sets of machines, and a business does best when its whole equipment system is optimized, rather than just individual machines. Employers have learned how important it is to the bottom line to keep their equipment singing.  A demand for graduates who can work in these areas is high—and salaries are too! 

The Mechanized Systems Management major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is designed to develop managerial and mechanical skills which can be applied to managing machines, natural resources, people and money in engineered systems in Nebraska and throughout the world.  There is a growing need to manage the increasingly complex and sophisticated technical systems along with personnel issues in agriculture and agribusiness. At UNL, practical courses emphasize management skills and efficient use of our soil, water, and energy resources without compromising the environment. Mechanized Systems Management coursework emphasizes hands-on experience, providing access to modern, well-equipped laboratories, and real life situations.

UNL students have access to activities and groups related to specific academic, social, cultural, or political interests. As a MSYM major you may be interested in joining the Mechanized Systems Club, or Alpha MU, an honorary agricultural mechanization fraternity. Involvement in these organizations builds communication, leadership, and organizational skills while you meet new friends with similar interests.  While the Mechanized Systems Management programs can prepare you to be a better farm/ranch owner and manager, it could also prepare you for a variety of agribusiness careers:


  • Equipment Manager for food processing plant
  • Market Representative for equipment distributor
  • Plant Productions Supervisor
  • Product Sales and Support Manager
  • Service Instructor for equipment manufacturer
  • Equipment Test Technician
  • Resource District Manger
  • Consultant
  • Farm Management
  • Energy Use Advisor
  • Irrigation Systems Dealer
  • Grain Elevator Manager
  • Farm Equipment Dealer
  • Agricultural Education Instructor

This major is administered through the Department of Biological Systems Engineering; the conferred degree is a B. S. in Mechanized Systems Management from the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR).

Upon graduation, Mechanized Systems Management graduates will:

  • have a basic understanding of physical and biological sciences, social sciences, and humanities;
  • have developed essential communication and leadership skills;
  • have a fundamental background in scientific agriculture;
  • understand the function, layout, application, and management of agricultural equipment and mechanized operations;
  • be able to integrate equipment in systems;
  • have an opportunity to specialize in business or further education; and
  • understand that professionalism involves continuing education.